Would you expect to be a provisory Guest sponsored by a related member ?

CSPG (ChateauShares Points-Guests) are available for you !

Only the General Charges (Electricity, Water, Heating, Houskeeping, share of the building yearly renovation funds) participation is an eligible extra to be paid by permanent / provisory members, or their guests on asking.

What is the difference CSP / CSPG for Guest Use ?

- Guests in CSP (not CSPG) will be unnder the responsability of the pemanent Membre offering them to stay with no-fee (excluding charge exact costs). The Registered CS-Owners-Club-Member (permanent) benefiting from the original CSP Titles is the only one able to reserve periods for his guests (children, family membres, friends, colleagues, with NOT charging them for a rent)

- Guests in CSPG (not CSPG) are provisory Membre taking the complete eand personal responsability on their stays, and eligible to reserve a period.

CSPG are bought aside the club through an expansion partnership, by independant companies benefiting from the club's licenses.

Who legally sells CSPG and what is behind the partnership ?

CSPG are part of a contractual-advantages-package 'Bought aside the permanent Owners-Club' by customers through an expansion-partnership-will , contrcatualized with both
- FXPco Limited Partnership SLP, Edinburgh, Scotland (Holding of the Brand ChateauShares from the beginning)
- Build Together Sàrl, Monaco Monte-Carlo (Marketor of the Owners-Club and acting as a researcher of opportunities)

These two companies have a Chateau Shares Expanding Licence to entitle provisory membres, and they do also have for a mission to use the most of these funds to enlarge the Owners-Club's assets: through new Marketing tools and visibilities, new estates on disposal, also as bringing assets and equity provided through other Start-Ups and companies via Structured-Funds based in Luxembourg, Monaco and United Kingdom.

CS-Owners Club (ChateauShares 01 LP, ChateauShares 02 LP, ChateauShares 03 LP) offers as a gratuity the Use for CSPG helpers to benefit as a permanent-resident (Membre) would form the different residences at disposal.

Why do we choose it?

ChateauShares Owners club community of Membres does own a lot of unique residences that may become quicky a must-live on your personal bucket-list.
The only way to get in will generally be the provisory (or permanent) membership !

Do I take CSPG like I would rent an AirbnB ?

Absolutely not. We do not proceed on a pay for time spent in one special place basis.
What you get is a general provisory membership, that you cannot use excliusively one one special place.

The place itself will not get financed* by your money but the global Club's economy will benefit from your fee to enlarge to other destinations, or go the the global fund (ROI Club Build Together) in order to empower our global assets and make it perene.
(*expect the share of the living charges period that will have to pay following your trip)

The CSP Title you will get will be profitig you at 'Vuse' calculation and values.
You are offerd to choose where you may stay are usufruct-equity values in points, just giving a balance with the use between members, provisory or long-term ones.

As a provisory membre, you will get the same advantages than any Residence-Owner during your stay,
Your CSPG brings you in 'the Great Owners-Club Family' linking with your provisory contract, based on the advantages your expansion investment brought to other membres.

You will really be feeling home, linking with your contrat on a time-share basis.

How do I use my CSPG ?

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How can I get Sponsored to become a provisory membre ?

- You have to ask your personal friends already benefiting from a membership, or send a special request to sponsorship-enquiries@chateaushares.com in order to get checked then sponsored by one of our board-members to get in.

- You will have to provide :
> Benefitors Identity (Passeports copy)
> Proof of address ( less than three months )
> Copy of Civil Responsibility Insurance
> Convention of provisory usufruct inside the club + optional Notary Costs if preferred to do this way.
( No Obligation to get it notaried for packages until £10'000 / 12'000€)
- Also, you will have to pay the fee linking with your selected 'CSPG' package.

"Get the freedom to travel in our locations based
on a short-term contract. Please note that you don't
subscribe for a local rental, but for a global enlargement
fee benefiting to the entire club's economy."


You may consider reinvesting as a Membre in a residence, with buying Owners-Club dedicated property from there
35'000 CS-Points Package (Guests) or 50'000 CSP Upgrade (Already a Membre)

We have many secondary residences available from this price.
Equivalence = 2'450 CSP vOWN/year; until your 100th Birthday.
If you are more than older than 60, you will also get also a quarter as an extra pension.