Travelling everywhere, because of careful and visionary parents

Where does it come from

As a child, François-Xavier (ChateauShares funder) has lived in a fantasy, travelling almost one week every month with careful parents, hoping for him to get an international mindset and culture, with great human and social skills. With some autistic character, he was more interested by talking to adults than to children of his age. He was also very skilled for special subjects, and he started young to get project and creativity oriented. As a young teenager, he decided that he would lead his life caring about others with being a doctor (at 12), living in switzerland, and mostly developed a passion on the idea of federating places that people of great taste and skills would benefit from, for free or almost, all-over the world, with just investing in one at the beginning.

François-Xavier's parents had invested very early in a Travelling Time-Share Owners-Club. A visionnary idea, that they could enjoy alltogether, mostly around europe, and twice a year around the globe. He travelled in the most enticing places, warm ones like Mauritius, Saint-Barth FWI, Les Seychelles, but also visited all the Antilles islands.
Their Owners-Club selections were leading them mostly in Mijas (Spain), Megève Carnac or Cap d'Ail (France), Verbier and Crans-Montana (Switzerland), their most regular trips.

They also invested as direct Owners for a lifetime in nine extra properties as and locations that François helped at most stages to take care of: on the works processes, painting some rooms, decoration concept, proposing for rental and selecting the tenants. He also sold houses for two different agencies, as a broker, aside when he was in his studies.

Childhood is generally what leads life. François went to architecture school at eighteen, moved to Switzerland at the age of 24 where he studied etiopsychology. His capital for raising his first company at 19 years old has been earned by himself, with redecorating an appartment his father bought for him in Lille, which sale offered a high added value on the original price.

He is now a therapist in his Etiopsychology clinics, as a human-oriented occupation. Living in the heart of Unesco heritage as a main residence, he didn't forget about his material comfort wills : Serial-entrepreneur (UK, MC, CH, F, L) he still elects buildings, lands and special places as 'the best heritage to invest in' (location, specs and quality for price) and never forgets to bring them into the treasure box to share, the ChateauShares OwnersClub.

"A child travelling everywhere, because of careful and visionary parents." ChateauShares made the way for you to reproduce it efforlessly for your own family.

Creating daily by passion ever since

As a free and creative Spirit, François-Xavier always jumped in the best of esthetical and comfort when it is about imagination for new residential and hospitality dedicated places. His love for Castles and architectural heritage has always been present. The most elegant mansions, the most imposing castles, the brightest contemporay designs also. The Love of the Art, applied to buildings.

His contemporay favourite architect : Zaha Zadid.
His favourite architectural Style : the XVIIIth Century

Some of his other beloved styles : Art-Nouveau Glass-windows, Art-Deco Scupltures, Boulle - Louis the XVth and the XVIth Furnitures,

Also as very contemporary brands like : Edra, Ligne Roset, Bretz, Bisazza, la Cividina, Opinion Ciatti, Bulthaup, Boffi, Kartell, Bang & Olufsen, Apple, Duotecno, Baccarat, Saint-Louis. You will find many of these fabulous Artworks and Craftmanships harmonized in our different residences, especially linking with the sipirit of each.