The Owners Club properties are selected based on the following criterias

Propose your pre-owned properties to get inthronized
as eligible assets, to share those as a Club-Membre.

Inthronize your Family Home

Precise the reasons why your property may be interesting for the other Club Members. Please provide a complete documentation : expertise, photos, floorplans, situation, global statement.

Interior design

To respect the club's Privileged feeling, a house-refurbishing will have to be provided under your costs. Some properties could already have a 'deep soul' to be kept. (example : historic design to keep, family-cocoon feeling with some great items to keep, etc...). We will take care of these as 'one of a kind' every time.

Separation of Usufruct and Sole-Ownership

ChateauShares Owners-Club will get sole ownership of your pre-owned residence when passing by the notary to register. Your Usufruct will get eligible by then to be transformed into CS-Points, that you may use everywhere in the other residences of the Club. We keep property management under our responsability by then, and you may be eligible to Cashback when igning with the selected option.

Submit your will to get in as a Membre

Please leave us your e-mail address to get contacted