You may expect to know ...


Who is the owner of the residences ?

Sole Ownership is usually and internationally belonging to Scottish Limited Partnerships. It may sometimes belong to local companies, like Swiss SA, or SCI in France... These company are usually called ChateauShares followed by a number (like these Edinburgh dedicated companies, called 'Chateau Shares 01 LP', 'Chateau Shares 02 LP', 'Chateau Shares 03 LP')
When people invest in ROI Club funds through BuildTogehter Monaco, the ownership is split in two between Scotland and the Holding-funds (50% BuildTogetherSàrl and 50% ChateauSharesXXLP)

Usufruct is held for a lifetime by the Investing Membre (also as his inheritants), until the original signing member's 100th Birthday happens. This is what is legally called 'a Lifetime Usufruct' , with a little more advantages and flexibility for our membres.


Who Runs the business ?

Serveral companies are mandatory to hold the business and deal with the global residences.

A_ Build Together Monaco is our first dedicated online-marketor, in delegation. Build together takes global interest information and selects which actors should be involved linking with the need. Notaries or accredited counseillors are contacted in common with ChateauShares holdings in order to make the deal leagal and duely registered.

B_ FXPco Limited Partnership gets the lead when it comes to personal-residences that ChateauShares LPs are givong to management, inbetween members with no specifical rental-fee (but charges to share) to manage.

C_ When it comes to Business and Residential Resorts, local companies like 'Chateau Shares Investissements Sàrl" in Switzerland are running part of the residences linking with hospitality and wellness management, organizing exploitation and giving track to Members and general customers reservations.

All delegated companies have a licence for promoting, with their own skills, the Owners-Club Product. No confusion, we will give you the correct path to follow linking with your expectations in a one and only lane to follow, accompanied by our facilitators caring globally for the correct deal management.

Since I invested, where can I get my follow-up ?

As a Membre, you will benefit from online back-office, in which you can log-in whenever you like, from eveywhere in the world.
In this simple but complete tool, you will have access to
- Your Usufruct Titles (CS-Points) accounts :
per year, actual balance, last spending, CSP given to your bloved in secondary accounts...
- A global overview on availabilities and specificities for the different residences available to visit
- The possibility to reserve your own periods online, with your CS-Point balance
- Monthly and annual resumes for Charges-Billing. Some charges may be eligible in cash, others could be deducted from your CS-Points at a special billing rate of £ 0,33 paid for 1 CSP taken.

As an investor with Cash-Returns, , you will benefit from a online back-office, in which you can log-in whenever you like, from eveywhere in the world.
In this simple but complete tool, you will have access to
- Your Investment status :
per year, actual statement, Premium returned, Interests received, or still to receive in the future
- A global overview on profitability of your investments, linking with performance in case of such a contract
- Monthly and annual resumes made by delegated specialists and accountants
- A selection of other investments to be performed through BuidTogether x ChateauShares, available to match with your potential needs of optimization.

Both and Build-Together bridge Back-Offices whenever you would be an investor also-as a Member, to facilitate links between both databases and useful and dedicated information you may expect.

"Our dedicated Online-Platform softwares made management easy.
As a simple as a reservation click !"